Westview Mall

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Westview Shopping Center
Location Catonsville, Maryland, USA
Opening date 1958
No. of floors 1

Westview Mall was an indoor mall located in Catonsville, Maryland. The mall originally opened in 1958 as an outdoor strip mall, but was later converted into an indoor shopping center.[1][2] The original anchors were Hutzler's and Stewart's although Stewart's became Caldor in 1983. In 2002, the mall returned to its original outdoor status, when the indoor section, which had largely failed, was converted into some big box stores, including Lowe's and Sam's Club.

Murder case[edit]

Main article: Wesley Baker

Westview Mall came into the news in 1991, when a well publicized murder took place in the parking lot. On June 6 of that year, 49-year-old Jane Tyson was murdered in the presence of her grandchildren, ages 6 and 4. Wesley Baker was convicted of the crime, and was executed on December 5, 2005, after more than 13 years on Maryland's death row.[3]


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