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Wet Head is a game of luck, random choice, and sometimes question & answer skill if played with the available free app introduced by Zing in 2016. The game consists of a roulette spinner and a helmet with a water container and eight plastic rods; one of which releases water on the wearer's head when removed.

Game play[edit]

One player wears the helmet while another spins the spinner to determine the number of rods to remove per turn. Players take turns exchanging the helmet and the spinner until one player gets their head wet.[1]. When the app is played, a player wearing the WETHEAD hat can avoid having to pull out a rod by answering a question correctly.

Mobile app[edit]

Zing has also released the Wet Head Challenge mobile app for Android and iOS. The app contains trivia questions that enhance the game's experience, along with a video recorder to capture the moment a player gets drenched.[1]


The game is distributed in Japan by Takara Tomy under the name Russian Nurette (ロシアンぬ〜れっと, Roshian Nu~retto). This version uses cards instead of a spinner.[2]

Game invention[edit]

Wet Head is an invention of Rudell Design, LLC, Facebook page: ABOUT the exclusive licensors of the Game to Zing Toys, and the owners of the tradename WET HEAD. U.S. Patent & Trademark Office search page and also U.S. Patent and Trademark Office search page

The product has been cited on multiple TV and internet listings as a hot toy for summer fun - many of such citings available at: Facebook Page: WET HEAD

Play pattern[edit]

YouTube exposure of Wet Head, as of summer 2017, is upwards of 300 million combined views worldwide. YouTube search page The play pattern has progressively evolved from simply filling the cap with water and then removing rods one at a time, to utilizing a game spinner to dictate rod removal, to the usage of the device as a get-wet penalty for question and answer challenges, or even other challenges that players have invented themselves.


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