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Early issue of Wet Set as an illustrated newsletter.

Wet Set Magazine is an Australia-based omorashi publication. In addition to material on panty wetting culture for "accident prone adults," it also contains diaper lover- and urolagnia-related material.


Wet Set Magazine was first published in 1993.[1] The magazine's content includes photos, letters, fantasy stories, drawings, contact ads, media comment, and articles. The magazine's website advertises to "panty pissers, bed wetters, diaper lovers, and anyone who loves to read about embarrassing accidents or golden showers." In Australia the magazine is sold in adult entertainment stores, but much of the readership comes through mail order around the world.[citation needed]

Other Wet Set publications[edit]

Dripping Wet[edit]

Wet Set also produces Dripping Wet Magazine, which consists of larger pictorial sections with only a short introduction to each model. Due to high readership in German-speaking countries, the text appears in both English and German.[citation needed]

Feminine Anarchy: Girls Pissing In Public[edit]

This Coffee table book by photographer Amanda James contains images of Wet Set models urinating indoors and outdoors, in their panties and openly, in their beds and through their clothes. It has been printed in English, German and French and contains 136 pages with 129 photographs, printed in full colour. Wet Set has released a second volume, titled Feminine Anarchy: Girls Pissing In Public 2.[citation needed]

Wet Set announced on their website that they would be releasing a soundtrack.[2] The album compiled the "wettygurl" anthems of the Cat Chaser Conspiracy, a Seattle punk rock band who performed a panty-wetting stage act during the 1980s and 1990s. Some fans wet themselves when these songs were played.[3] Before their breakup in 1999, members made regular appearances in the pages of the magazine. Their second vocalist, Moppet, appeared as a model in a number of photosets, including #84 through 89.


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