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Wet sari scenes are an on-screen cliché in Hindi Cinema films, in which clothed actresses are depicted in wet saris that cling to their bodies. This functions as a proxy for nudity in mainstream Indian cinema, where nudity is taboo.[1]

According to Pooja Makhijani, in an interview with rediff.com:

"Bollywood is wonderfully escapist. And completely comforting, as nothing really changes. Every blockbuster has at least one of the following: a wet sari scene, an over-the-top dance number with hundreds of mustachioed extras, an overbearing patriarch, pehla pyar[clarification needed] (first love), and a wonderfully choreographed fight sequence in which the police show up the second the bad guys are down and out."[2]

Some of films showing wet sari scenes are as follows:

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