Wevie Stonder

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Wevie Stonder
Wevie Stonder.jpg
Background information
Origin United Kingdom
Genres music
Years active since 1993
Labels Cack Records
Skam Records
Website http://www.weviestonder.com
Members Alan Boorman, Chris Umney, Richard Sothcott, Henry Sargeant, Nadir Al-Badri

Wevie Stonder /ˈwv ˈstʌndər/ is an absurdist electronic music collective. Their name is a spoonerism of the name of musician Stevie Wonder.


On Skam Records

  • Eat Your Own Ears (2000)
  • Drawing on Other People's Heads (2002)
  • Stoat (2002)
  • Kenyan Harry EP (2003)
  • The Wooden Horse of Troy (2005)

On Sonig (as Wevie De Crepon)

  • The Age Old Age Of Old Age Mini LP (2003)
  • Ton Wah 12 (2004)

On CACK Records

  • The Bucket (2009)
  • Small People / Shut the Gate (2009)


  • The man with the Xylophone skull (2001) for Rubin Steiner
  • King Holer (2002) for Fujiya & Miyagi
  • Pushchairs for grown ups (2004) for Team Doyobi
  • A buddha made of mud (2007) for Schlammpeitziger

Radio Sessions:

BBC Radio 3 - "Mixing it" hosted by Robert Sandall and Mark Russell, broadcast 2/6/06

BBC Radio 1 - "Breezeblock" Mary Anne Hobbs, broadcast 3/9/05


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