Wexford, Toronto

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The Church of St. Jude (Wexford)
The Church of St. Jude (Wexford)
Wexford map.PNG
Coordinates: 43°44′35″N 79°18′16″W / 43.74306°N 79.30444°W / 43.74306; -79.30444Coordinates: 43°44′35″N 79°18′16″W / 43.74306°N 79.30444°W / 43.74306; -79.30444
Country  Canada
Province  Ontario
City Toronto Toronto
Community Scarborough
Changed Municipality 1998 Toronto from Flag of Scarborough, Ontario.svg Scarborough
 • MP Salma Zahid (Scarborough Centre)
 • MPP Brad Duguid (Scarborough Centre)
 • Councillor Michael Thompson (Ward 37 Scarborough Centre)

Wexford is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the eastern part of the city, on the western end of the district of Scarborough, spanning Lawrence Avenue East between Victoria Park Avenue and Birchmount Road. There are many Greeks in this neighbourhood.

The Church of St. Jude (Wexford) was once the Anglican church to the small village of Wexford, and survives today as a landmark in the modern urban area. The area consists of mostly post-World War II type bungalow housing, apartments, retail and commercial space.

Scarborough was merged with five other municipalities and a regional government to form the new "City of Toronto" in 1998.

According to the 2006 Census Visible Minorities comprised 45.4% of the total population, the largest minority group being South Asian at 12.0%.

A 2013 article in the Toronto LIFE magazine ranks Wexford-Maryvale 6th[1] out of Toronto's 140 neighbourhoods.

  • Scarborough Minor Hockey Association
  • Westford Shopping Centre
  • Buchanan Public School
  • Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church
  • St. John's Greek Orthodox Church
  • Church of St. Jude (Wexford)
  • Scarborough Citadel of the Salvation Army
  • Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts (high school)
  • Wexford Heights Plaza
  • Wexford Heights United Church (2002 Merger of the historic Zion-Wexford and Wilmar Heights congregations)
  • Wexford Presbyterian Church
  • Wexford Public School
  • Wexford Soccer Club
  • Precious Blood Catholic School
  • St. Kevin Catholic School