Wexford Plaza

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Wexford Plaza
Directed byJoyce Wong
Produced byHarry Cherniak
Matt Greyson
Joyce Wong
Written byJoyce Wong
StarringReid Asselstine
Darrel Gamotin
CinematographyMaya Bankovic
Edited byDarby MacInnis
Release date
Running time
80 minutes

Wexford Plaza is a Canadian comedy-drama film, directed by Joyce Wong and released in 2016.[1]

The film centres on Betty (Reid Asselstine), a lonely young woman who takes a job as a security guard at a strip mall in the Scarborough area of Toronto, and becomes attached to Danny (Darrel Gamotin), a bartender in the mall.[2] Midway through, however, the film shifts to Danny's perspective, retelling the building of their relationship from his side.[3]

Although the mall in the film is similarly named to Toronto's real life Wexford Heights Plaza, the film was actually shot at a closed strip mall in North York.[4]

The film premiered at the Torino Film Festival in 2016,[5] and screened at several film festivals throughout 2017 before having its commercial premiere in Canada in November 2017. The Toronto Film Critics Association named the film as a finalist for the Rogers Best Canadian Film Award at the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2017.[6] It was a finalist for the John Dunning Discovery Award at the 6th Canadian Screen Awards. It won the Best Narrative Feaure award at the San Diego Asian Film Festival 2017.[7]


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