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DatesMid to late August

Weyfest is an annual music festival held at the Rural Life Centre in Tilford, Surrey in the United Kingdom. It usually occurs around mid/end of August.

Music is performed from the 3 outdoor stages and an indoor stage. Crafts, stalls, other entertainment and the exhibits of the Rural Life Centre as well as a campsite. Weyfest has earned a good reputation for abundant clean toilets, a large variety of fairly priced high quality food & reasonable bar prices and a safe and friendly family environment. It has been voted one of the UK's top festivals by Planet Rock (radio station) listeners and the Daily Telegraph.


The 2004 edition was held as a three-day event at the Holly Bush Public House, Frensham, and raised funds for Treloar's. Following a change of licensee, the 2005 edition was held at the same venue as a two-day event to raise funds for Lord Mayor Treloar's College, and was restricted to 500 tickets.[1][2][3]

In 2006, the event took place in the grounds of the Exchange Hotel, Farnham, moving inside in the evening.[4]

In 2007, the event was moved to the Rural Life Centre, Tilford,[5] and it reverted to being a three-day event in 2010.[6]

2020 saw Weyfest go on hiatus until 2021 caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

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