Weymouthia (trilobite)

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Temporal range: Lower Cambrian
Weymouthia nobilis linedrawing.jpg
Llinedrawing of Weymouthia nobilis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Trilobita
Order: Agnostida
Family: Weymouthiidae
Genus: Weymouthia
Raymond, 1913
Type species
Agnostus nobilis
Ford, 1872
  • Weymouthia nobilis (Ford, 1872) (syn.Agnostus nobilis
  • Weymouthia caudata (Delgado, 1904) (syn. Delgadella souzai caudata)
  • Weymouthia emerici Czarnocki
  • Weymouthia minor Egorova, 1961
  • Weymouthia tchernyshevae Egorova, 1961

Weymouthia is an extinct genus of eodiscinid agnostid trilobites, which lived at the end of the Lower Cambrian, in what are now the eastern United States, England, Siberia and China.


Like all Agnostida, Weymouthia is diminutive and the headshield (or cephalon) and tailshield (or pygidium) are of approximately the same size (or isopygous) and outline. Like all Weymouthiidae, Weymouthia lacks eyes and rupture lines (or sutures). The headshield (or cephalon) is approximately as long as wide, lacks facial sutures and is eyeless. The tailshield (or pygidium) is about 1.2× as wide as long. Both are effaced except for a furrow close to their borders. The cephalic border bears lateral tubercles. The thorax consists of three segments.[1]


Weymouthia is named after Weymouth, Massachusetts.[2]


  • W. nobilis occurs in the Lower Cambrian of Massachusetts (Hoppin Slate, North Attleboro), and of the United Kingdom (Comley Quarry, Comley, 52.6° N, 2.8° W).[3]


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