Whack & Slaughter

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Whack & Slaughter
Whack & Slaughter logo.png
Whack & Slaughter logo
Designer(s) Kai Bettzieche
Publisher(s) CatZeyeS Entertainment
Publication date 2010 (First Run)
Genre(s) Fantasy
System(s) Wargaming
Setup time Usually 5-10 minutes.
Playing time Usually 30-60 minutes per match.
Random chance Medium (dice rolling)
Skill(s) required Military strategy, arithmetic
Website www.catzeyes.de

Whack & Slaughter is a set of fantasy skirmishing game rules allowing you to play with all kinds of fantasy as well as pirate themed miniatures. It is meant to be played with as few as one miniature per player and thus with more players. Most scenarios are meant to be played with up to 8 players forming 2 teams à 4 players (and thus 4 miniatures per team). Additionally to a miniature (referred to as Hero), a player needs a set of 5 dice as well as a "Hero Card" as a reference for the Hero's abilities.


The first run of rules was released in 2010 by Kai Bettzieche of CatZeyeS Entertainment.[1] Though Whack & Slaughter is a tabletop game, it has been inspired heavily by videogames such as Guild Wars, Diablo and Torchlight. The game's name is an allusion as well as a hommage to the hack and slash video game genre.


Similar to role playing games, before a game begins, each player has to create his Hero by buying levels in the traits defence, melee, ranged combat and magic. Depending on the choice of traits, a Hero gets access to a certain amount of skills. Currently there are 15 schools of skills available and - if a Hero uses 1 or 2 traits only - he may pick skills from up to two schools. Each school features 10 common skills as well as 5 elite skills - skills with superior effects. Only Heroes having specialized in one trait receive access to elite skills.

The five dice a player brings along not only serve as randomizers, but as life counters and a measurement of movement as well. So each time a Hero takes damage, he will become slower and less efficient.[2] Gameplay takes place on comparatively small "maps" (a term derived from video game language), forcing the Heroes from the beginning into close quarter combat. A couple of scenarios are given in the rulebook, such as the classic "all vs. all" (also available as "team vs. team"), capture the flag, king of the hill (a variant of the classic king of the hill), bombing run (a variant of the classic bombing run), a treasure hunt and even a snowfall scenario allowing players to duke it out in a snowball fight. Also, players are encouraged to create their own scenarios if the given ones do not suffice.[3]


The following table lists the releases sorted by year

Year Name Type
2010 First Run Core rules
2010 Christmas Carnage Christmas expansion
2011 Crimson Tides Rules to support pirate miniatures
2013 Whack & Slaughter Express Express game with preconfigured Heroes and preconfigured map
2014 Living Rulebook Revised core rules

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