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Whakamaru is located in New Zealand
Coordinates: 38°25′S 175°48′E / 38.42°S 175.80°E / -38.42; 175.80Coordinates: 38°25′S 175°48′E / 38.42°S 175.80°E / -38.42; 175.80
CountryNew Zealand

Whakamaru /ˈfɑːkəˌmɑːr/ is a village in the central region of the North Island of New Zealand. The Maori words 'whaka' and 'maru' literally mean to give shelter to, or safeguard.[1]

The town was originally established as accommodation for the Whakamaru Power Station in New Zealand.

The Whakamaru switching station, adjacent to the power station, is operated by Transpower, and is an important node on the national grid.

During the summer months Lake Whakamaru is used extensively for water skiing. The Whakamaru Water Ski Club is very busy during the Christmas holidays, although water skiing courses are normally available all year round.

Kiwiburn, the New Zealand Burning Man regional, was held annually at the Whakamaru Domain, State Highway 30, from 2007 to 2013.

The town has a resident association, grocery store, cafe, pizza restaurant, and petrol station. Guided walks on available for the nearby Mt Titiraupenga.

The Whakamaru supervolcano eruption is the largest known eruption from the area known as the Taupo Volcanic Zone (TVZ).[2]


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