Whale Cave

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Whale Cave
Whale Cave in Penghu - side.JPG
LocationXiaomen, Xiyu, Penghu, Taiwan
Coordinates23°39′17″N 119°30′58″E / 23.654772°N 119.516152°E / 23.654772; 119.516152Coordinates: 23°39′17″N 119°30′58″E / 23.654772°N 119.516152°E / 23.654772; 119.516152

The Whale Cave (Chinese: 澎湖逍遙遊; pinyin: Pēnghú Xiāoyáoyóu) is a wave-cut platform in Xiaomen Village, Xiyu Township, Penghu County, Taiwan.


The wave is originally a basalt cliffed coast. After being continuously eroded by monsoon and seawater, it finally became an arch.[1]


The save is located on Xiaomen Island. From the side, the hollow part roughly has the shape of a whale.

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