Whale Rock Light

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Whale Rock Light
Whale Rock Lighthouse RI.JPG
Whale Rock Light is located in Rhode Island
Whale Rock Light
Coordinates 41°26′37″N 71°25′25″W / 41.44361°N 71.42361°W / 41.44361; -71.42361Coordinates: 41°26′37″N 71°25′25″W / 41.44361°N 71.42361°W / 41.44361; -71.42361
Year first constructed 1882
Year first lit 1882
Deactivated Destroyed by the Hurricane of 1938
Foundation Bedrock
Construction Cast Iron
Tower shape Conical
Markings / pattern White with black lantern
Original lens Fourth order Fresnel lens
ARLHS number USA-883
USCG number

1-19090 [1]


Whale Rock Light was a sparkplug lighthouse marking Whale Rock, a dangerous island in the entrance to the West Passage of Narragansett Bay.

The lighthouse was built on the rock in 1882. It was destroyed in the New England hurricane of 1938 when it was dislodged from its foundation, killing keeper Walter Eberle. Part of the lighthouse foundation remains and the remains of the lighthouse are underwater nearby.[1][2] The rock is now marked by Whale Rock Lighted Gong Buoy 3.[3]

List of Keepers and Assistants[4][5][edit]

Keeper years 1st Assistant years 2nd Assistant years
Nathaniel S. Dodge 1882-1885 John W. Dodge 1882-1884
Elam P. Littlefield 1884-1885
Elam P. Littlefield 1885-1891 unknown 1885-1886
Joseph B. Eddy 1886
Charles Wright 1886-1887
Eugene R. Milliken 1887-1888
Eugene R. Milliken 1887-1888
William Roman 1888-1890
Edward Andrews 1890-1891
Edward Andrews 1890-1891
Edward Andrews 1891-1893 Henricus DeVries 1891
Nelson Sprague 1891-1892
Nelson Sprague 1891-1892
Herbert R. Kenyon 1892
Charles E. Smith 1892-1893
Charles E. Smith 1893-1895 Frank Tardiff 1893-1894
Sylvester Allen 1894-1895
Sylvester R. Allen 1895 Isaac G. Hoard 1895-1896
Judson G. Allen 1895-1899 Henry Nygren 1896-1897
Joshua A. Overton 1897-1899
Joshua A. Overton 1899-1900 John G. Skipworth 1899-1900
Nelson Sprague 1900
Nelson Sprague 1900-1901 Silas E. Stanton 1900-1901
Silas Stanton 1901 Marten W. Ekman 1901-1902
Joseph D. Meade 1901-1902
Peter M. Peterson 1902-1906 Willis A. Green 1902-1903
Morell E. Hulse 1903-1905
Edward R. Curtis 1905-1906
John A. Burke 1906
Ernest Bloom 1906-1908
William Aichele 1906-1908
Hans Christian Anderssen 1908
Hans Christian Anderssen 1908-1910 Simon Sivounich 1908-1911
John J. Sheridan 1910
John C. W. Porter 1910-1911
Robert G. Lamer 1911
Theodore De Shong 1911-1913 Joseph O. Bouley 1911-1914
John (Jack) Larsen 1913-1915
Arthur E. Larkin 1914-1915
Edward Grime 1915-1916 Otis L. Barstow 1915-1916
Otis L. Barstow 1916-1918 George H. Tooker 1916-1918
George H. Tooker 1918-1925 unknown 1918-1921
George T. Gardiner 1921-1925 George A. Scheer

(first second assistant)

Thomas H. Winn 1923-1925
Frederick B. White 1925-1927 Daniel A. Sullivan 1925-1927 Alfred Auger 1925-1927
Daniel A. Sullivan 1927-1938 William O. Chapel 1927-1931 Robert H. Lyons 1927-1929
Joseph G. Hindley 1929-1931
Joseph G. Hindley 1931 Harold E. Davis 1931
Peter Roudeau 1931-1937 Ernest Stacey 1931-1937
Joseph H. Dubois 1937-1938 Walter Eberle 1937-1938
Octavius E. Davis 1938
On September 21, 1938, a hurricane destroys the lighthouse and kills keeper Walter Eberle.


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