Whalen Hill

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Whalen Hill
Whalen Hill is located in New York
Whalen Hill
Whalen Hill
Location of Whalen Hill within New York
Highest point
Elevation1,647 feet (502 m)
Coordinates42°41′27″N 75°03′57″W / 42.69083°N 75.06583°W / 42.69083; -75.06583Coordinates: 42°41′27″N 75°03′57″W / 42.69083°N 75.06583°W / 42.69083; -75.06583[1]
LocationHartwick, New York, U.S.
Topo mapUSGS Hartwick

Whalen Hill is a mountain located in Central New York region of New York northwest of Hartwick, New York. It is named after D. Whalen, a local land owner in 1868.[2]


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