Whalers Bay (Svalbard)

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Whaler's Bay is located where the word Svalbard is written in this figure.

Whaler's Bay is a bay in Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean.

The former whaling grounds to the north of Nordaustlandet (roughly 81°N 10°E / 81°N 10°E / 81; 10 (Whaler's Bay, Arctic Ocean)), the second largest island of the Svalbard archipelago are called Whaler's Bay and the bowhead whale has been abundant in this region.[1] The West Spitsbergen Current (WSC) transports salt and internal energy through Fram Strait into Whaler's bay. Oceanographic field-studies suggest that the waters on the surface are mainly influenced by atmospheric cooling.[2] Other studies claim that the warm temperature correlates with the sea ice extent in this area.[3]


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