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Whalom Park
Whalom Park circa 1915
Whalom Park, circa 1915
LocationLunenburg, Massachusetts, U.S.
Coordinates42°34′32.02″N 71°44′47.64″W / 42.5755611°N 71.7465667°W / 42.5755611; -71.7465667Coordinates: 42°34′32.02″N 71°44′47.64″W / 42.5755611°N 71.7465667°W / 42.5755611; -71.7465667
ClosedSeptember 4, 2000
SloganFor a Whale of a Time!
Roller coasters1
Water rides1

Whalom Park was an amusement park located on Lake Whalom in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, that operated from 1893 to 2000. The site was redeveloped into a 240-unit condominium complex.[1]

Whalom Park was established in 1893 by the Fitchburg & Leominster Street Railway as a traditional, English-style park of gardens and walking paths.[2] At the time of its last day of operations in 2000, Whalom was known as the 13th oldest amusement park in the United States,[3] as well as the second-oldest trolley park in the world.[4] The park had been in continuous seasonal operation for 107 years.[5]

The "Flyer Comet" wooden roller coaster was one of the park's best-known rides. Most remaining structures at the park, including the Flyer Comet, were demolished in October 2006, to make way for development.

Rides and attractions[edit]

Name Manufacturer Year Added Year Removed Notes
Whalom Park Carousel Looff[6] 1914[2] 2000[7] Featured 2 Looff Sea Dragons.[6][7] Broken up at auction April 15, 2000[7]
Ferris wheel Eli Bridge 2000
Flyer Comet Philadelphia Toboggan Company 1940[2][6][8] 2006[2]
Flying Scooters Bisch Rocco 2000
The Looper[6] Allan Herschell 2000 AKA: The Hampster Cages.[6] Despite common belief, this ride was not purchased by Knoebels (Knoebels purchased theirs from a traveling carnival)
Octopus Eyerly Aircraft Company Parts of this ride were still sitting in back of the maintenance shop when the park closed in 2000
Paratrooper Frank Hrubetz & Company 2000
Roto-Jets 2000
Giant Slide 2000
Satellite Jets Kasper Klaus 2000 Originally located at Mountain Park in Holyoke, MA, a similar former trolley park which closed in 1987.
Scrambler Eli Bridge 1968[8] 2000
Sea Dragon Chance Morgan 2000
Tilt-a-whirl Sellner Manufacturing 2000
Tumble Bug Traver Engineering 2000 Sold To Edaville Railroad but never assembled. Sold as scrap metal in 2010.
Turnpike Streco 1990 Replaced in the early 1990s by two Honda go-karts due to maintenance issue, Honda go-karts were in the park until the park closed in 2000.
Train Ride Iron Horse Company
by Allan Herschell
1960s 2000 Sold
The Whip W.F. Mangels 2000
Yo-Yo Chance Morgan 2000
Skating Rink 1906[8] 2006[2]
Arcade 2000 The Building that held the arcade was originally the park's Candle Pin Bowling alley.
Funhouse 2006[2] Included a Barrel of Fun/Barrel of Laughs.[6] Demolished in 2006
Ball Room 1933[9] 2002[5][10] Destroyed by arson, March 2, 2002.[5][10]
Silly Savage 2000 Silly Savage was one of the park mascot's at Whalom Park, a lion-like creature with a top hat.
Super Chick 2000 Another mascot.
Wally Whalom 2000 Wally Whalom was also a mascot at the park, but unlike Silly Savage and Super Chick in costumes, he was a clown.
Barnaby, The Walking Talking Puppet 2000 Barnaby The Walking Talking Puppet was a puppet who gave shows to guests around the park.
Whalom Park Center Stage 2000 The Whalom Park Center Stage was an outdoor theater for shows that attracted guests.
Kiddieland 2000 Kiddieland was a section of the park for younger children where there were rides designated for younger kids and a small theater for puppet and marionette shows.
Whalom Park Cafe Restaurant 2000 There was a sit down restaurant called "Whalom Park Cafe" in the park besides the other food stands that were inside Whalom Park.
Mini Golf Land 2000 Mini Golf Land was a miniature golf course that was located near The Whip
Picnic groves 1893 2000 The picnic groves had picnic tables and a pavilion, and a small playground. The picnic tables were sold at auction.
Go Carts 2000 Sold
Waterpark 2000 Whalom Park had its own waterpark with waterslides in it.


Appearances in pop culture[edit]

The music video for the song "Touch and Go" by The Cars was shot at Whalom Park in 1982[11]

TV advertisement jingle[edit]

There were two versions of the jingle:[citation needed]

First Version

If you're looking for something exciting to do,
Then Whalom Park is the place for you!
With lots of rides and loads of fun,
Whalom Park's for ev-ery-one!
For fun and excitement,
A place to unwind,
Whalom Paaaark...for a whale of a time!
Whalom Park, you'll have a good time

Second Version

If you need excitement, then come for the fun!
Whalom Park, it's for everyone!
Amusement rides! And water slides!
Whalom Park, it's family sized!
Picnics and good times! Rides, games, and shows!
Whalom's got it! C'mon let's gooooooo!
Great for the family! It's one of a kind!
Whalom Paaaark...for a whale of a time!

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