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Years active2010–present
Playing time1–24 December

Whamageddon is a game played during the 24 days before Christmas in which players try to go from 1 December to the end of Christmas Eve (24 December) without hearing "Last Christmas" by Wham!. If the player hears the song between those days, they are out of the game and have to post "#Whamageddon" on social media to indicate that they have lost. The exceptions to this game are that the player can only listen to remixes and cover versions of the song. Whilst not encouraged on the website, but technically still a part of the rules, a player can send another player the song, or play it to them so that the other player loses the game, although Whamageddon is described as a survival game, as opposed to a battle royale game.[1][2][3][4]


One of the earliest documented references of Whamageddon appeared on Maniac-Forum.de in November 2009, an online forum originally linked to German-language video game magazine M! Games [de].[5][6] In 2010, GTPlanet, a sim racing-themed online forum, started a similar challenge under the name "GTPlanet vs. Wham! - Last Christmas". The rules were nearly the same, apart from the game having no defined start date and ending at midnight on 31 December, and the presence of the song within the discussion thread itself being prohibited.[7] In 2016, a Facebook page was created for Whamageddon under its new name and revised dates.[citation needed]

In December 2023, the DJ at Sixfields Stadium in Northampton, England, played "Last Christmas" to a crowd of over 7,000 people, with the intention of making everyone present lose the Whamageddon game. He later apologized, after facing criticism.[8]


Rules from the official website of Whamageddon.[9]

  • The player must go as long as possible without hearing Wham!'s Christmas song, "Last Christmas"
  • The game starts on the 1st of December and ends at "the end of December 24th"
  • Only the original version of "Last Christmas" applies, the player can listen to remixes and covers of the song
  • The player is out as soon as they recognise the original version of the song
  • The player may post "#Whamageddon" on social media as soon as they lose the game
  • Players can play on a "player vs player" if they wish, by sending links to the song to friends to try and get them out of the game, although it is not encouraged

Once a player has lost they are sent to 'Whamhalla', in which they are unable to return until the game begins again the next year.[9]

Alternative variations[edit]

Other variations of this game exist, based on other Christmas songs. One features "Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues, and originated on Twitter in 2016. The only rules that apply to this version of the game is no "Poguerolling" (sending the link to friends online intentionally). As with Whamageddon, the player is out as soon as they recognise the song and accidentally hear it, whether it is in a supermarket or on the radio, or in another public place.[citation needed]

From December 2019, the GTPlanet forums has used Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas is You" as an alternative challenge, respecting Wham!'s George Michael since his death on Christmas Day in 2016.[10] This version of the game is termed "ApoCareypse", and all of the original rules apply. A similar challenge with the same song and similar rules, "Mariahpocalypse", surfaced on Facebook in the late 2010s. It begins on Black Friday and ends at midnight on December 26.[citation needed]

In New Zealand, "Snoopy's Christmas" is sometimes used as the featured song.[citation needed]

Another version is Wham!Hunter where players get a point each time they hear it. This allows enjoyment of Christmas music and not having to worry when walking through a shopping centre or when the radio is playing in the car.[11]

A Polish version is entitled Świąteczny Golf Muzyczny (Christmas Music Golf). The game starts on 1 November and players are not allowed to hear remixes and covers.[citation needed]

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