What About Me? (1 Giant Leap album)

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What About Me?
1 Giant Leap - What About Me.jpg
Studio album by
Released9 March 2009
GenreTrip hop, electronica, world
LabelOne World Music
ProducerJamie Catto, Duncan Bridgeman
1 Giant Leap chronology
1 Giant Leap
What About Me?

What About Me? is the second album by UK duo Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman under the name 1 Giant Leap. The duo travelled around the world recording vocals and music by artists of various genres. The DVD/CD version of the album was released in March 2009. A TV version was shown on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.

Track listing[edit]

1."Come to the Edge" (feat. Lila Downs & Huun Huur Tu)2:22
2."Each Step Moves Us On" (feat. Zap Mama & Speech)8:34
3."How Can I Be a Better Friend to You?" (feat. Bobby Whiskers, Jhelisa Anderson & Maxi Jazz)6:28
4."There's Nothing Wrong with Me" (feat. Jhelisa Anderson & Oumou Sangaré)6:02
5."Are You My Love?" (feat. Daniel Lanois & Eddi Reader)2:22
6."Wounded in All the Right Places" (feat. k.d. lang)4:33
7."I Have Seen Trouble" (feat. Aluta & Michael Stipe)7:21
8."Solita Sin Solidad" (feat. Lila Downs & Carlos Santana)5:29
9."Serenity Prayer" (feat. Huun Huur Tu, MXO & Eddi Reader)10:00
10."1 Small Step" (feat. Baaba Maal & Nana Tsiboe)8:10
11."Why Must I Feel Like This Today?" (feat. Baaba Maal, Michael Franti, Ulali, Radio Active & Krishna Das)9:28

CD 2[edit]

1."Under a Stormy Sky / I've Been Away" (feat. Haale, Michael Franti, Maxi Jazz, Eddi Reader & Daniel Lanois)8:26
2."What I Need Is Something Different" (feat. Speech & Boots Riley)6:58
3."Mothers, Don't Cry" (feat. Miss Honda, Ramata Diakite & Miles Solay)7:45
4."The Truth Is Changing" (feat. Will Young & Amapondo)4:27
5."Freedom" (feat. Nana Tsiboe & African Show Boys)5:33
6."Arrival" (feat. Alanis Morissette, Eugene Hütz, Al Tanbura & Aida Samb)8:12
7."Forgive Me" (feat. Sharon Lewis, Suzue & Amjad Ali Khan)7:49
8."Set Me Free" (feat. Yungchen Lhamo, Rokia Traore, Sussan Deyhim & Joseph Arthur)8:20
9."What I Need Is Something Different (Dub)" (feat. Speech & Boots Riley)6:38


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