What About Us? (Ruth-Ann Boyle album)

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What About Us?
Ruth ann what about us.jpg
Studio album by Ruth-Ann
Released June 2007
Recorded 2004—2005
A.R.T. Studios, Ibiza, Spain
Genre New-age, ambient, trance, pop, electronic
Label iTunes
Producer Michael Cretu

What About Us? is an album by British singer Ruth-Ann Boyle under the name Ruth Ann. It was released on iTunes in June 2007. The album was produced by Michael Cretu - the Romanian music producer, who is the central person of the musical project Enigma.

Track listing[edit]

  • All songs written, arranged, engineered & produced by Michael Cretu except where noted.
  • Vocals by Ruth-Ann Boyle.
  • Backing vocals on 8&11 by Peter Ries.

All songs published by 1-2-3 Music / Crocodile Music except where noted.

  1. No Surrender
  2. Go
  3. Drive / music & lyrics by R. Ocasek / P: by Lido Music INC
  4. What About Us / lyrics by Michael Cretu & Ruth-Ann Boyle
  5. You Talk Too Much / lyrics by Michael Cretu & Ruth-Ann Boyle
  6. Beautiful / music by Ruth-Ann Boyle & Jens Gad / lyrics by Ruth-Ann Boyle
  7. Dancing into Hell
  8. More Than Ordinary / music & lyrics by D. Schoenherz & W. Filz / P: FMM Musicpublishing / BMG UFA
  9. Letter to Heaven / lyrics by Michael Cretu & Ruth-Ann Boyle
  10. I’d Die For You
  11. The Woman I Could Be
  12. Believe in Me / music & lyrics by D. Schoenherz, W. Filz & Ruth-Ann Boyle / P: FMM Musicpublishing / BMG UFA / 1-2-3 Music / Crocodile Music