What If You Died Tomorrow?

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What If You Died Tomorrow?
Written byDavid Williamson
Date premiered27 September 1973
Place premieredOld Tote, Sydney Opera House
Original languageEnglish

What If You Died Tomorrow? is a 1973 play written by David Williamson. It was commissioned by the Old Tote Theatre Company for its first drama season at the new Sydney Opera House.

The play has a number of autobiographical elements, being about a doctor turned novelist and journalist who have left their respective spouses to live in an artists colony. David Williamson was an engineer turned playwright who lived in an artists colony in Eltham with wife Kristin after both left their respective spouses.[1]

The Old Tote production was performed in England in September 1974,[2] making it the first full Australian production to have played in London since Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.[3]


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