What Rhymes with Cars and Girls

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What Rhymes with Cars and Girls
Studio album by Tim Rogers
Released March 3, 1999
Genre Country, folk
Label Ra Records/BMG
Producer Jen Anderson
Tim Rogers chronology
What Rhymes with Cars and Girls
Spit Polish
(2004)Spit Polish2004

What Rhymes with Cars and Girls is the first solo album by You Am I frontman Tim Rogers, and the only release featuring the backing band The Twin Set (though members of the group would form Rogers's second solo backing band, The Temperance Union). 'You've Been So Good To Me So Far' and 'I Left My Heart All Over The Place' were released as a double-sided radio single.[1] The album was recorded at Jen Anderson's (of Weddings Parties Anything) home studio, and featured many varied musicians, including Sally Dastey of Tiddas (on 'Up-A-Ways'). In 2015, the album was adapted for the stage, with playwright Aidan Fennessy working with Tim Rogers to create a new musical What Rhymes with Cars and Girls for the Melbourne Theatre Company.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bushell and a Peck" - 2:08
  2. "You've Been So Good To Me So Far" - 4:40
  3. "I Left My Heart All Over The Place" - 4:11
  4. "You Just Don't Do It For Me, Friend" - 3:36
  5. "Arse Kickin' Lady from the Northwest" - 2:56
  6. "Happy Anniversary" - 3:51
  7. "Twenty Eight" - 3:28
  8. "Under The Flight Path" - 3:10
  9. "Up-A-Ways" - 3:16
  10. "Hi, We're The Support Band" - 2:47
  11. "The Songs They Played As I Drove Away" - 4:45

All songs written by Tim Rogers. "Arse Kickin' Lady from the Northwest" and "Under The Flight Path" both appeared previously as You Am I songs on the "Rumble" single, with the former also appearing as the first track on the live ...Saturday Night, 'Round Ten album.[1][2]


  • Tim Rogers - singin' & dancin, guitar, keyboards
  • Jen Anderson - violin, viola, harmonium, omnichord
  • Stuart Speed - upright bass
  • Ian Kitney - drums & percussion
  • Mark Wallace - accordion
  • Ed Bates - pedal steel
  • Peter Somerville - banjo
  • Richard Gillard - electric guitar
  • Ben Hoddanger - trombone
  • Andy Reid - clarinet & washboard
  • Jeff Burston - mandolin
  • Sally Dastey - vocals (on 'Up-A-Ways'), brandy
  • David Lane - guitar


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