What a Crazy World

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What a Crazy World
What a crazy world.jpg
Soundtrack Album Cover
Directed byMichael Carreras
Written byAlan Klein
Edited byMax Benedict
Capricorn [Michael Carreras Productions]
Distributed byWarner-Pathé Distributors
Release date
Running time
88 min.
CountryUnited Kingdom

What a Crazy World is a 1963 film directed by Michael Carreras from a script by Carreras and Alan Klein, from the latter's stage play.[2] It is a pop musical featuring a number of late 1950s and early 1960s musical performers, including an appearance by Freddie and the Dreamers.


An unemployed working class lad, Alf Hitchens, has an on-off relationship with his girlfriend Marilyn, whilst trying to sell a song he has written. Michael Ripper appears in several cameo roles bemoaning the "bleeding kids" he encounters.


On Network Video July 2014 with the original theatrical trailer.


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