What the Toll Tells

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What the Toll Tells
Studio album by Two Gallants
Released February 13, 2006 (UK)
February 21, 2006 (US)
Recorded July 2005
Genre Indie rock
Length 59:42
Label Saddle Creek
Producer Scott Solter
Two Gallants chronology
The Throes
What the Toll Tells
Nothing to You (re-mix) + 3 (EP)

What the Toll Tells is the second album recorded by Two Gallants released in February 2006 (see 2006 in music). It was recorded at Tiny Telephone Studios, San Francisco in during July 2005. [1]

This album is the 91st release of Saddle Creek Records.

Critical response[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AbsolutePunk 7.5/10 stars[2]
Allmusic 4/5 stars[3]
Drowned in Sound 8/10 stars[4]
Entertainment.ie 4/5 stars[5]
Gigwise 4.5/5 stars[6]
musicOMH.com 4/5 stars[7]
NME 8/10 stars[8]
Pitchfork Media (4.8/10)[9]
Prefix Magazine 5/10 stars[10]

What the Toll Tells received generally favorable reviews from music critics around the country. The album received a high score of 71 on metacritic.com, a review-aggregation website.


The song "Long Summer Day", which is based on the Moses Platt song, was criticised in multiple publications' reviews of the album, including in Prefix Magazine and Pitchfork Media. The song describes a black man dealing with the oppression of a white boss, and considering a possibly violent reaction. The use of the word "nigger" in particular drew fire, with reviews claiming the Two Gallants (both white) were "borrowing otherness" in writing the song. The Two Gallants gave a sarcastic reply on their website, claiming to be unaware that they aren't allowed to "write about our country's embarrassing past" and that they are required to write about "the trials of two pale skinned urbanites who have never known a day of struggle in their lives".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Las Cruces Jail" – 5:46
  2. "Steady Rollin'" – 4:28
  3. "Some Slender Rest" – 8:57
  4. "Long Summer Day" – 4:54
  5. "The Prodigal Son" – 3:13
  6. "Threnody" – 9:34
  7. "16th St. Dozens" – 5:15
  8. "Age of Assassins" – 8:01
  9. "Waves of Grain" – 9:34
  10. "Big Lucille" (vinyl only)
  11. "Negrophilia Blues" (vinyl only)


  • Alberto Cuéllar - Trombone, Trumpet
  • Jackie Perez Gratz - Cello
  • Alan Hynes - Design
  • Chelsea Jackson (pseudonym of Adam Stephens) - Guitar, Harmonica, vocals
  • Dan Kasin - Management
  • Scott Solter - Engineer, Mixing
  • Doug VanSloun - Mastering
  • Auggie Washington (pseudonym of Tyson Vogel) - drums, Vocals


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