Whataroa River

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Whataroa River
Whataroa River flowing into the Tasman Sea

The Whataroa River, sometimes the Wataroa River, is a river in the southern West Coast region of New Zealand's South Island. Its source is in the Southern Alps and it flows north and northwest, passing the township of Whataroa on the eastern side before reaching the Tasman Sea just south of Abut Head. The river is fed by many tributaries, such as the Perth River, and is crossed by State Highway 6 on its route between Whataroa and Te Taho.

Whitewater rafting takes place on the river as an adventure tourism activity. Access to the upper reaches of the river for rafting is either via hiking or helicopter.

Coordinates: 43°07′S 170°15′E / 43.117°S 170.250°E / -43.117; 170.250