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The Whatnots are a type of character that is associated with The Muppets.


The Whatnots are Muppets extras[1] with blank heads and customizable faces, clothes, and hair[2] that are similar to the Anything Muppets from Sesame Street. Like the Anything Muppets, each of the Whatnots are customized for different roles. There were many different Whatnots that appeared in The Muppet Show:

  • The first versions of the Whatnots that appeared in the first two seasons have heads that are similar in design to the Fraggles from Fraggle Rock.
  • The second versions of the Whatnots that appeared in later seasons had humanoid appearances with sculpted noses.

The Muppets once took over The Today Show with some Whatnots[3][4] to promote the Muppet Whatnot Workshop. The Workshop in FAO Swartz[5] allows people to purchase a custom Whatnot[6][7][8] with chosen clothes and facial features.[9] Whatnot kits were later sold through Toy 'R' Us after FAO Schwartz was acquired by it.[10][11]

There were some Whatnots that have been redressed and refurbished for Puppet Up! by Julianne Buescher.

Known Whatnots[edit]

Some of the known Muppet characters started out as Whatnots:

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