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The Wheaton Youth Center, also known as the Wheaton Community Recreation Center, is a building located on Georgia Avenue in Wheaton, Maryland. The space is operated by the Montgomery County Department of Recreation.

The Wheaton Youth Center opened in December 1963 and for the following decade was one of the premiere locations for the emerging suburban Maryland concert scene.[1] Concerts at the Wheaton Youth Center were held in the gymnasium, which was located across from the Wheaton Library.[2]

Besides local acts, major national and international performers played at the venue, including Grin, Fallen Angels, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, Dr. John, Rare Earth, Rod Stewart, Iggy and the Stooges.[1]

It is thought that Led Zeppelin performed a concert at the center on January 20, 1969.[3][4][5][6]

The venue continues to be used for various community purposes, with the main floor being used as a basketball court.


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