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Wheel of Doom is a Japanese rock band, consisting of six members. They are Shinn on vocal, Mitsu on guitar, Tsuka on guitar, Numa on bass, Matsu on drums, and Sassa on the sampler. They describe their music as being both oriental and chaotic.

Their first mini album "Ladiatia" includes six songs. It has been sold from "Four Tune Record", an original record label the band founded in early 2002. In the fall of 2002 they journeyed to the U.S. to do a number of live shows, playing at Club Roxy and the Cat Club.

They have ranked second place in the loud rock section of one of the college chart's in the U.S.

One of the guitarists, Mitsu, is a designer of a fashion brand called "Peacemaker". He designs many items which the band uses including the band's logo, CD jacket, and cover.

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