Wheel of Sheffield

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Wheel of Sheffield
The Wheel Of Sheffield viewed from the town hall
General information
StatusDismantled; relocated to Hyde Park, London
TypeFerris wheel
LocationFargate, Sheffield, England
Coordinates53°22′52″N 1°28′12″W / 53.3810°N 1.4699°W / 53.3810; -1.4699Coordinates: 53°22′52″N 1°28′12″W / 53.3810°N 1.4699°W / 53.3810; -1.4699
Completed20 July 2009
DemolishedNovember 2010
Height60 m (197 ft)

The Wheel of Sheffield was a 60-metre (197 ft) tall transportable Ferris wheel installation on Fargate, by the Town Hall, in Sheffield, England.

A view of the structure from below

It opened on 20 July 2009,[1] and was intended to remain until January 2010.[2] However, planning permission was sought for a further year of operation,[3] and permission was granted for it to remain until January 2011.[4] This date however was brought forward to October 2010, when the operator planned to dismantle the wheel and relocate it to Hyde Park, London.[5] The Wheel of Sheffield closed on 31 October 2010, and it was completely dismantled by 20 November 2010.

It had 42 passenger cars, each with an 8-person capacity, and was operated by World Tourist Attractions.[6] One revolution on the wheel took around 13 minutes. It also featured a commentary pointing out local landmarks and places of interest.[1]


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