Wheelchair tennis at the 2008 Summer Paralympics

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Wheelchair tennis
at the XIII Paralympic Games
Wheelchair tennis pictogram (Paralympics).svg
Paralympic Wheelchair tennis
Venue Olympic Green Tennis Centre
Dates 8–15 September 2008
Wheelchair tennis at the 2008 Summer Paralympics
Date 8–15 September
Edition 5th
Location Olympic Green Tennis Centre, Beijing
Men's Singles  Shingo Kunieda (JPN)
Women's Singles  Esther Vergeer (NED)
Quad Singles  Peter Norfolk (GBR)
Men's Doubles  Stéphane Houdet (FRA) &  Michaël Jeremiasz (FRA)
Women's Doubles  Korie Homan (NED) &  Sharon Walraven (NED)
Quad Doubles  Nick Taylor (USA) &  David Wagener (USA)

Wheelchair tennis at the 2008 Summer Paralympics was held at the Olympic Green Tennis Centre from 8 September to 15 September.


Players were given a classification depending on the type and extent of their disability. The classification system allowed players to compete against others with a similar level of function. To compete in wheelchair tennis, athletes had to have a major or total loss of function in one or both legs. Quadriplegic players competed in the mixed events, while players with full use of their arms competed in the separate men's and women's events.


Six events were contested:

  • Men's singles
  • Men's doubles
  • Women's singles
  • Women's doubles
  • Quad singles (mixed gender)
  • Quad doubles (mixed gender)

Participating countries[edit]

There were 112 athletes (77 male, 35 female) from 35 nations taking part in this sport.

Medal summary[edit]

Medal table[edit]

This ranking sorts countries by the number of gold medals earned by their players (in this context a country is an entity represented by a National Paralympic Committee). The number of silver medals is taken into consideration next and then the number of bronze medals. If, after the above, countries are still tied, equal ranking is given and they are listed alphabetically.

1 Netherlands (NED)2316
2 France (FRA)1023
3 Great Britain (GBR)1012
 Japan (JPN)1012
 United States (USA)1012
6 Sweden (SWE)0202
7 Israel (ISR)0101
Totals (7 nations)66618


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
Shingo Kunieda
Robin Ammerlaan
Maikel Scheffers
Men's doubles
 France (FRA)
Stéphane Houdet
Michaël Jeremiasz
 Sweden (SWE)
Stefan Olsson
Peter Wikstrom
 Japan (JPN)
Shingo Kunieda
Satoshi Saida
Women's singles
Esther Vergeer
Korie Homan
Florence Gravellier
Women's doubles
 Netherlands (NED)
Korie Homan
Sharon Walraven
 Netherlands (NED)
Jiske Griffioen
Esther Vergeer
 France (FRA)
Florence Gravellier
Arlette Racineux
Quad singles
Peter Norfolk
 Great Britain
Johan Andersson
David Wagner
 United States
Quad doubles
 United States (USA)
Nick Taylor
David Wagner
 Israel (ISR)
Boaz Kramer
Shraga Weinberg
 Great Britain (GBR)
Jamie Burdekin
Peter Norfolk

Source: Paralympic.org [1]


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