Wheeler-Schebler Trophy Race

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The Wheeler-Schebler Trophy Race was an automobile race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in each of the two years prior to the first Indianapolis 500. The trophy was sponsored by the Wheeler-Schebler Carburetor Company. Frank Wheeler, one of the four co-founders of the Speedway, was also the president and co-founder of Wheeler-Schebler. The 1909 race was originally scheduled for 300 miles, but was ended at 235 miles due to deteriorating track conditions.

Race results[edit]

Year Date Winning Driver Car Race Distance Time of Race Winning Speed Starting
Miles Laps
1909 Aug 21 United States Leigh Lynch Jackson 235 94 04:13:31.40 57.907 mph 19
1910 May 28 United States Ray Harroun Marmon 200 80 02:46:31.00 72.065 mph 19

Wheeler-Schebler Trophy in later years[edit]

In 1911, when the Indianapolis Motor Speedway abandoned a season of racing in favor of one race, the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, this race was discontinued. However, in 1914 the trophy reappeared, with its possession for the year going to the owner of the car leading at 400 miles, or 160 laps, in the subsequent Indianapolis 500-Mile Races. Car owner Harry Hartz became the owner of the trophy in 1930 as the original rules in 1909 stipulated that the trophy became the permanent possession of the man to win it three times.