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The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra is an American orchestra based in Wheeling, West Virginia. Since its founding in 1929, the orchestra has performed at the historic Capitol Music Hall. André Raphel Smith is the current music director, succeeding Rachael Worby in May 2003.

Temporary Relocation[edit]

In May 2007, the "Capitol" closed its doors unexpectedly, forcing the Symphony to look for a new home. Temporary facilities were set up at the John Marshall Center for the Performing Arts and Wesbanco Arena. On September 25, 2009, the orchestra held its first performance, titled "A Homecoming", in the re-opened Capitol Theatre.


  • Henry Mazer conducting the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra in "pops" favorites of the Ohio Valley. / 1950 / 12" Vinyl / Blackcrest Records[1]

In literature[edit]

The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra and its then-conductor Henry Mazer make an extended appearance in Sir Yehudi Menuhin’s then-widely read autobiography Unfinished Journey.[2][3]

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