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The Wheels of Love Charity Bike Ride is Israel's largest multi-day, multi-route international charity sports event. The ride recruits participants from all over the world to participate in a five-day-long bicycle ride that raises money for the children of the ALYN Hospital.


In 1997 a new English immigrant to Israel approached the ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem with hopes to include them as one of the beneficiaries of the annual Norwood Ravenswood Charity Bike Ride. In 2000, a record number of ten Israelis signed up for the ride.

However, due to violence in the region, the Norwood Ravenswood contingent from England cancelled their bicycle ride in Israel three weeks before the ride in 2000. The ten Israeli riders decided that instead of quitting they would create their own Charity Bike Ride, in Israel, and thus the first Wheels of Love Bike Ride, for the children of the ALYN Hospital was born. The ten riders were able to raise US$65,000. Since 2000 the Wheels of Love Bike Ride has become an annual event that brings riders from all corners of the world. The ride has grown from ten riders in 2000 to over five hundred riders in 2008. Additionally the amount of money raised has grown from US$65,000 in 2000, to a maximum of over US$3,000,000 in 2007.


Each year the ride changes what part of the country will be explored. Additionally four different route options are available to suit the preferences and abilities of each rider. The four routes are as follows: On – road, On – road challenge, Off – road, and a Touring route.


The GalgALYN is a one-day bike ride option for riders who cannot participate in the five day Wheels of Love bike ride.

Ride for a Cause Model[edit]

The "Ride for a Cause Model" of the Wheels of Love Bike Ride enlists the participants of the ride in fundraising. Each participant inspires numerous friends, family members, and colleagues to become part of the Wheels of Love family by sponsoring them.

Approximately 70% of the money raised goes directly to cover the costs of the personalized and specialized care for the Children of the ALYN Hospital.


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