When He's Not a Stranger

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When He's Not a Strange
When He's Not a Stranger cover.jpg
Directed by John Gray
Music by Mark Snow
Release date
November 6, 1989 (1989-11-06)
Running time
100 minutes
Country United States
Language English

When He's Not a Stranger is a 1989 American Made for TV crime drama film, starring Annabeth Gish and John Terlesky about a college freshman who is sexually assaulted by a football jock. It sums up the ordeal that rape victims experience and the sexual assault on college campuses. This stark dramatization of the "acquaintance rape" dilemma was originally to be broadcast on October 17, 1989, but pushed to November 6th of that year because of coverage surrounding the earthquakes in Northern California.


At Woodword University, a football-oriented California school, Lyn McKenna is raped and brutalized by her best friend's boyfriend, football player Ron Cooper. Lyn is hesitant to reveal this information as she fears that doing so will create a number of social issues and will simply worsen the aftermath of her experience. However, continued threats from Ron and his fellow football teammates lead Lyn into desperate action, and she requests that the school hold a disciplinary hearing against Ron, and ultimately demands that a district attorney prosecute.


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