When Hell.A. Freezes Over

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When Hell.A. Freezes Over
When Hell.A. Freezes Over.jpg
Studio album by Frost
Released July 1, 1997
Recorded 1996-1997
Genre Latin Rap, Gangsta rap
Length 64:25
Label Ruthless Records
Relativity Records
Producer Julio G
DJ Ace
Frost chronology
Smile Now, Die Later
When Hell.A. Freezes Over
That Was Then, This Is Now, Vol. 1

When Hell.A. Freezes Over is the fourth album by Frost. Released in 1997, it was his last release for Ruthless Records and made it to #154 on The Billboard 200 and #64 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop charts. It featured the hit single "What's Your Name (Time of the Season)".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Mexican Border"- 4:05
  2. "Tombstone"- 4:33
  3. "Loco" feat. Ice-T- 4:19
  4. "Heaven and Hell"- 4:19
  5. "Rock On" feat. Scoop & O.G Enius- 4:31
  6. "Heaven Sent"- 4:42
  7. "G-Spot"- 1:06
  8. "Anotha Day Anotha Dolla"- 6:00
  9. "Nothing in This World"- 4:36
  10. "Chema Otro Leno Mas"- 2:47
  11. "Reunited (Lo Riding)" feat. Domino & O.G. Enius- 4:53
  12. "From My Block to Your Block" feat. Slowpain- 4:25
  13. "Get Down (Make It Hot Big Daddy, Make It Hot)"- 4:34
  14. "You're a Big Girl Now"- 5:07
  15. "What's Your Name (Time of the Season)"- 4:28