When Lanes Merge

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When Lanes Merge
When Lanes Merge official poster
Genre Modern Drama
Starring Kent Cheng
Raymond Wong Ho-yin
Kate Tsui
Sonija Kwok
Lee Heung Kam
Raymond Cho
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s) TVB
Original network TVB Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release June 28 – July 23, 2010
Related shows Slow Boat Home (2013)
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When Lanes Merge (Traditional Chinese: 情越雙白線) is a 2010 TVB modern drama series.


Rushing along the road every day with a vibrant mix of passengers of all kinds, what taxi drivers see and hear is far more varied than one can ever imagine. Retired taxi driver Ho Kau (Kent Cheng) returns to the job after his son Ho Ka-Bo (Raymond Wong Ho-yin) is convicted of causing death by drunk driving. The incident has exacerbated the already fractious relationship between the father and the son.

Ka-Bo works for Kau after his release from prison. Before long, he has another serious road accident, in which Kau is also involved and severely injured, both mentally and physically. Ka-Bo feels so guilty towards his father and comes to understand the importance of careful driving. He maintains a high degree of vigilance while driving but still gets picked on constantly by female traffic police officer Ko Lai-Sum (Kate Tsui).

As time goes by, the pair have gradually developed a strong attachment to each other and finally become lovers. But Ka-Bo's ex-girlfriend Cheung Hiu-Man (Sonija Kwok) and SUM's grandmother Ko Li Shuk Ching (Lee Heung Kam) turn out to be the biggest obstacle to their relationship, leaving the pair stranded in dismay along the tunnel of love.


The Ho Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Kent Cheng Ho Kau
Age 56
Taxi driver
Ho Ga-bo's father
Cheung Hiu-man's God-father
Raymond Wong Ho-yin Ho Ga-bo (Turbo)
Age 28
Taxi driver, later auto maintenance technician
Ho Kau's son
Ko Lai-sum's boyfriend, then husband
Cheung Hiu-man's ex-boyfriend
Lei Suk-jing's ex-student
Was in jail for 2 years after being guilty of dangerous driving

The Ko Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Lee Heung Kam Lei Suk-jing
Age 70
Ko Lai-sum's grandmother
Ko Tin-yiu's mother
Chiu Mei-kei's mother-in-law
Ho Kau's good friend
Ho Ga-bo, Cheung Hiu Man and Gwan Syu-yan's ex-principal
Ko Chun-man Ko Tin-yiu
Retired chief police inspector
Lei Suk-jing's son
Ko Lai-sum's father
Chiu Mei-kei's husband
Fung So-bor Chiu Mei-kei
Retired police inspector
Lei Suk-jing's daughter-in-law
Ko Tin-yiu's wife
Ko Lai-sum's mother
Kate Tsui Ko Lai-sum
高麗芯 (Sammi)
Age 26
Traffic police, later Police Inspector
Lei Suk-jing's granddaughter
Ho Ga-bo's girlfriend, then wife
Ko Tin-yiu and Chiu Mei-kei's daughter
Daisy's best friend
Cheung Hiu-man's friend and rival

The Cheung Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Ching Hor Wai Yu Ngoi-hei
Age 50
Cheung Hiu-man's stepmother
Cheung Hiu-ming and Cheung Hiu-ching's mother
Chou Mei-wai's aunt
Sonija Kwok Cheung Hiu-man
Age 28
Yu Ngoi-hei's stepdaughter
Cheung Hiu-ming and Cheung Hiu-ching's elder sister
Ho Ga-bo and Andy's ex-girlfriend
Ho Kau's god-daughter
Cheung Hiu-ching's older sister
Chou Mei-wai's cousin
Kou Lai-sum's friend and rival
Lei Suk-jing's ex-student
Fred Cheng Cheung Hiu-ming
Yu Ngoi-hei's son
Cheung Hiu-man's younger brother
Cheung Hiu-ching's elder brother
Chou Mei-wai's cousin
Used to cheat money from family to pay his debt
Katy Kung Cheung Hiu-ching
Age 18
Yu Ngoi-hei's daughter
Cheung Hiu-man and Cheung Hiu-man's younger sister
Ngai San-san's friend
Chou Mei-wai's cousin
Leung Yat-dong's girlfriend then later broke up
Used to be instigated by Leung Yat-dong

The Au family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Raymond Cho Au Yiu-jun
Age 33
Taxi Driver
Chou Mei-wai's husband
Au Tsz-him's father
Ho Kau's friend
Elaine Yiu Chou Mei-wai (Vivian)
Age 26
Au Yiu-jun's wife
Au Tsz-him's mother
Yu Ngoi-hei's niece
Gwan Syu-yan's subordinate
Coleman Tam Au Tsz-him
Au Yiu-jun and Chou Mei-wai's son

The Ngai family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Kwok Fung Ngai Chiu-fat
Age 50
Former restaurant owner, but later sold the restaurant to Ma Cheong-tat to pay his debt
Chan Siu-fan's husband
Ngai San-san's father
Ho Kau's friend
Kingdom Yuen Chan Siu-fan
Age 42
Former restaurant owner, but later sold the restaurant to Ma Cheong-tat to pay Ngai Chiu-fat's debt
Ngai Chiu-fat's wife
Ngai San-san's mother
Angel Chiang Ngai San-san
Age 18
Chan Siu-fan and Ngai Chiu-fat's daughter
Cheung Hiu-ching's friend

Other cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
Eric Li Leung Yat-dong
Karaoke shop owner
Triad member
Ho Ga-bo's friend
Cheung Hiu-ching's boyfriend
Killed Gwan Syu-yan in Chapter 18
Hit by a truck and became paralyzed in Chapter 19
(Main villain)
Ruco Chan Gwan Syu-yan (Tony)
Age 30
Finance company owner
Triad member
Chou Mei-wai's direct supervisor
Lei Suk-jing's ex-student
Killed by Leung Yat-dong in Chapter 18
(Main villain)
Tracy Ip Daisy Art Teacher
Used to be a traffic police with Ko Lai-sum
Ko Lai-sum's Best Friend
Hit by Gwan Syu-yan's car while on duty to cause paralysis
Stephen Huynh Andy Cheung Hiu-man's ex-boyfriend
Yu Mo-lin Lee Sam-fung
Lei Suk-jing's housemaid
Lee Hung-kit Ma Cheong-tat
Boss of taxi of a taxi agency and a restaurant
Lau Kwai-fong Mrs. Ma Ma Cheong-tat's wife
Yu Ngoi-hei's friend
Raymond Tsang Pang Yung
Traffic police inspector
Ko Lai-sum's direct supervisor

Awards and nominations[edit]

TVB Anniversary Awards (2010)

  • Nominated: Best Drama
  • Nominated: Best Actor (Kent Cheng)
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actress (Kingdom Yuen)
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actress (Elaine Yiu)
  • Nominated: My Favourite Male Character (Kent Cheng)
  • Nominated: My Favourite Male Character (Raymond Wong)
  • Nominated: Most Improved Actor (Raymond Wong)
  • Nominated: Most Improved Actress (Elaine Yiu)

Viewership ratings[edit]

Week Episodes Average Points Peaking Points References
June 28 - July 2, 2010
1 — 5
July 5–8, 2010
6 — 9
July 12–16, 2010
10 — 14
July 19–23, 2010
15 — 20

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