When Maryam Spoke Out

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When Maryam Spoke Out
Lamma hikyit maryam.jpg
Directed by Assad Fouladkar
Produced by Assad Fouladkar
The Lebanese American University
Written by Assad Fouladkar
Starring Bernadette Hodeib
Talal El-Jordi
Renée Dik
Umaya Lahoud
Joseph Abu-Dames
Randa Alam
Music by Nidaa Abou Mrad
Cinematography Joseph Chmali
Release date
  • October 6, 2001 (2001-10-06) (Mill Valley Film Festival)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Lebanon
Language Arabic

When Maryam Spoke Out (Arabic: لمّا حكيت مريم‎, translit. Lamma hikyit maryam) is a 2001 Lebanese film directed by Assad Fouladkar and based on a true event that happened in Lebanon.

It is a social story about a couple, Ziad and Maryam, who lead a happy marriage, except for the fact that after three years of marriage Maryam has still not had a baby. Her husband Ziad is compassionate and assures her, that he still loves her. Nonetheless, Maryam cannot escape the growing pressure from the family, especially from her mother-in-law. She reacts to it in her own way with a false pregnancy. The initial enthusiasm and care is quickly gone when it becomes clear they are not really expecting a baby.

When Maryam Spoke Out is Fouladkar's first feature film. [1]


After three years of happily married life, Ziyad and Maryam feel the social pressure to have a child. Their previously happy relationship becomes poisoned when it is discovered that Maryam is infertile.

Cast and characters[edit]

  • Bernadette Hodeib as Maryam
  • Talal El-Jordi as Ziyad
  • Renée Dik
  • Umaya Lahoud
  • Joseph Abu-Dames
  • Randa Alam



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