When Women Rule the World

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When Women Rule the World
Genre Reality television
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Original network Fox
First shown in Finland
Original release Unaired (Unaired)

When Women Rule the World is an announced reality television series originally announced to premiere on Fox Broadcasting in spring 2007,[1][2] then pushed to June 2, 2008, then delayed again in April 2008.[3] However, the show never aired in the United States.[4]

The show consisted of 12 women and 12 men sent to a "primitive location" where the men were forced to be subservient to the women. The women voted off one man per week. The final man left was awarded $250,000. Cast members include Carla Turco, Jacky Reres, Karen Mangeney, Mike Babassi, Robbie Kaller. The show was hosted by Judi Shekoni.[5]

The show was broadcast in Finland on MTV3 and in Belgium on PLUG RTL (summer 2010).[6]

The United Kingdom's Channel 4 negotiated with Fox for a license to make a British version of the show, which aired for eight weeks starting on 4 September 2008.[7] The UK version was filmed in the Dominican Republic and hosted by Steve Jones.

The show consisted of eight women and ten men.[8] Ed won the competition, beating G-Range in the final. His prize was £30,000.


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