When the Cat's Away (1929 film)

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When the Cat's Away
Directed byWalt Disney
Produced byWalt Disney
Music byCarl Stalling
Animation byUb Iwerks
Ben Sharpsteen
Color processBlack & White
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
ca. April 30, 1929[1]
Running time
6:42 min.
CountryUnited States

When the Cat's Away is a Mickey Mouse short animated film first released on May 3, 1929, as part of the Mickey Mouse film series. It was directed by Walt Disney and animated by Ub Iwerks and Ben Sharpsteen.[2] It was the sixth Mickey Mouse short to be produced, the third of that year.[1] In this cartoon, Mickey and Minnie are the size of regular mice, and Tom Cat is the size of a person.[1]

After Tom Cat leaves his house, drunk on hooch, Mickey organizes all his mice friends to break into the cat's house. Once inside, Mickey and Minnie play the piano by dancing on the keys and, later, others play some of the cat's musical instruments and records (using themselves as the speaker and stylus). In the end, Mickey and Minnie kiss.[2]

The cartoon is a loose remake of Disney's 1925 film Alice Rattled by Rats, from the Alice Comedies series.[1] This is the last time Mickey is portrayed as the size of a mouse, although he remains fairly small in his next cartoon, The Barnyard Battle.[2]

The cat signs his name "Tom Cat", which was briefly used as a name for the character who was shortly afterwards identified as Peg-Leg Pete.[1]

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