When the Cat's Away (1929 film)

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When the Cat's Away
Directed by Walt Disney
Produced by Walt Disney
Studio Walt Disney Studios
Celebrity Productions
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s) May 3, 1929
Color process Black & White
Running time 6:42 min.
Country United States
Language English
Preceded by The Opry House
Followed by The Plow Boy

When the Cat's Away is a 1929 Mickey Mouse short film produced by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. In it, Mickey and Minnie are the size of regular mice, and Tom Kat is the size of a person.

After Tom Kat leaves his house, drunk on hooch, Mickey organizes all his mice friends to break into Kat's house. Once inside, Mickey and Minnie play the piano and, later, others play some of Kat's musical instruments and records (using themselves as the speaker and stylus). In the end, Mickey and Minnie kiss.

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