When the Keyboard Breaks: Live in Chicago

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When the Keyboard Breaks: Live in Chicago
L2E WTKB.jpg
Live album by Liquid Trio Experiment 2
Released 2009
Recorded June 25, 2008, Chicago, IL
Genre Progressive metal
Length 58:50
Label Lazy Tomato
Producer Liquid Trio Experiment 2
Liquid Trio Experiment 2 chronology
Spontaneous Combustion
(2007)Spontaneous Combustion2007
When the Keyboard Breaks

When the Keyboard Breaks is a live album by progressive metal supergroup Liquid Trio Experiment 2. The album was recorded during a live show of Liquid Tension Experiment in Chicago, Illinois. The album came about when, during the track "Universal Mind", Jordan Rudess' Roland Fantom-G8 keyboard started playing half-step higher notes on every fourth key:[1]

Following the song, he went off stage to figure out a solution, since he didn't have his usual technician nor a substitute keyboard.[1] In the meantime, the other three musicians decided to improvise until Jordan was ready to come back. Jordan had to stay on the phone with Roland in Japan[1] for at least 20 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong. The other three just continued to jam with drummer Mike Portnoy giving updates every now and then (the determining point for the track splices). In the end, Rudess took John Petrucci's guitar and started jamming, then Petrucci took the bass, since Tony Levin was playing the Chapman Stick.[1] When that jam was over, Portnoy ended up taking Levin's bass and Charlie Benante ended up playing drums. The keyboard was never fixed that night.

The production of the album was not official, as it was taken from a live stereo recording from the mix off stage. Thus there was no way for it to be properly mixed so everything is how the audience heard it.

The name of the album alludes to the track "When the Water Breaks" from Liquid Tension Experiment 2.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Universal Mind (When the Keyboard Broke)" 2:20
2. "The Chicago Blues & Noodle Factory" 7:03
3. "Fade Away or Keep Going?" 5:03
4. "The Haunted Keyboard" 9:34
5. "Close Encounters of the Liquid Kind" 15:13
6. "Ten Minute Warning" 5:55
7. "That 'Ol Broken Down Keyboard Blues" 6:34
8. "Liquid Anthrax" (Contains an excerpt of "How Many More Times" by Led Zeppelin) 4:55
9. "That's All Folks!" 2:12



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