Where's Wally? The Great Picture Hunt!

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Where's Wally? The Great Picture Hunt!
American edition
Author Martin Handford
Illustrator Martin Handford
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Where's Wally?
Publisher Walker Books (UK) Candlewick Press (US)
Publication date
1 May 2006
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 26
ISBN 0-7636-3043-8
OCLC 67711496
LC Class PZ7.H1918 Whdg 2006

Where's Wally? The Great Picture Hunt! was released in May 2006. In the book Wally, Wizard Whitebeard, Wenda, Woof and Odlaw travel to fantasy worlds. The book is the sixth in the Where's Wally? series and the first in nine years.[1]


  1. Exhibit 1 – Odlaw's Picture Pandemonium
  2. Exhibit 2 – A Sporting Life[2]
  3. Exhibit 3 – Brown Sailors And Green Scalers
  4. Exhibit 4 – Brown Sailors And Green Scalers Again
  5. Exhibit 5 – The Pink Paradise Party
  6. Exhibit 6 – Old Friends[3]
  7. Exhibit 7 – Old Friends Again
  8. Exhibit 8 – A Monster Masterpiece[2]
  9. Exhibit 9 – WallyWorld
  10. Exhibit 10 – WallyWorld Again
  11. Exhibit 11 – Pirate Panorama[2]
  12. Exhibit 12 – The Great Portrait Exhibition


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  2. ^ a b c "A Monster Masterpiece", "A Sporting Life" and "Pirate Panorama" were previously published in 1991's Magnificent Poster Book as "The Monsterous Monsters", "Land of Sports" and "Among the Pirates" (although some of the "characters to spot" were moved).
  3. ^ "Old Friends" was previously published in "The Ultimate Fun Book".