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Where Magazine
Categories Tourism
Frequency monthly
Circulation 2,186,284
Year founded 1938
Country Multiple (see prose)
Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Augusta, Ga US
Website where.ca, Where Canada wheretraveler.com

Where is a series of magazines for tourists, distributed at hotels, convention centres, regional malls and other tourist areas.


The original edition was founded in 1938.


Throughout most of the world, the magazine's editions are published by Morris Visitor Publications; it is published in Milan (Italy) by Where Italia Srl, in Canada by St. Joseph Media and in Asia by Asia City Media Group.



(all published by Asia City Media Group)


(all published by Morris Visitor Publications) [2]

  • Where Sydney
  • Where Melbourne
  • Where Brisbane


(the majority published by Morris Visitor Publications)

North America[edit]

(all published by Morris Visitor Publications in United States, all published by St. Joseph Media in Canada, except as noted)


(all published by St. Joseph Media, except as noted)

United States[edit]

(all published by Morris Visitor Publications)

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