Where Eskimos Live

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Where Eskimos Live
Where Eskimos Live Promotional Movie Poster
Directed by Tomasz Wiszniewski
Written by Robert Brutter, Tomasz Wiszniewski
Starring Bob Hoskins, Sergiusz Zymelka and Krzysztof Majchrzak
Release date
May 2002

Where Eskimos Live (AKA Tam, gdzie żyją Eskimosi) is a feature film released in 2002 under Polish-American-British and Germany co-operation.

Sharkey, posing as a UNICEF rescuer of war orphans but really part of the sinister world of child trade, picks up Vlado, an orphan of war, dreaming of freedom and a better life. They embark upon a strange and enlightening journey through war-torn Bosnia. As they struggle to get out of the country and fight to stay alive, they find a special love and compassion from which emerges their ultimate moral and spiritual redemption.


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