Where We Started From

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Where We Started From
Studio album by The Little River Band
Released November 2000
Genre Rock
The Little River Band chronology
Reminiscing: The 20th Anniversary Collection
Where We Started From
One Night in Mississippi

Where We Started From is a 2001 album by Little River Band.[1] The album does not include any original members of the band.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Where We Started From"
  2. "This Place"
  3. "Magazine Girl"
  4. "Just You and I"
  5. "Night Owls"
  6. "I Think I Left My Heart with You"
  7. "Who Made the Moon"
  8. "Look in Your Eyes"
  9. "American Way"
  10. "Lead Me to Water"
  11. "Cool Change"


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