Wherryman's Way

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Wherryman's Way
Wherryman's Way.jpg
Life-size sculpture of Billy Bluelight at Woods End public house near Bramerton on the route of the Wherryman's Way
Length 56 km (35 mi)
Location Norfolk
Trailheads Norwich
52°37′36″N 1°18′22″E / 52.6268°N 1.3061°E / 52.6268; 1.3061 (Wherryman's Way (Norwich trailhead))
Great Yarmouth
52°36′23″N 1°44′12″E / 52.6063°N 1.7368°E / 52.6063; 1.7368 (Weavers Way (Great Yarmouth trailhead))
Use Walking
Hiking details
Season All year round

Wherryman's Way is a long distance footpath in the English county of Norfolk. It is 35 miles (56 km) in length, running between Norwich and Great Yarmouth. It follows the course of the River Yare where possible, with some significant stretches away from the river where there is no continuous path alongside the Yare. Where the River Chet meets the Yare, it follows the former upstream to Loddon and then largely uses roads to the Reedham Ferry to cross the River Yare. From Reedham the route is along the northern bank of the Yare the rest of the way, passing Berney Arms where it joins the route of the Weavers' Way. The two routes then follow the northern edge of Breydon Water before going under Breydon Bridge and into Great Yarmouth. By Vauxhall Bridge next to Great Yarmouth railway station a sculpture marks the end points of the Wherryman's Way, Weavers' Way and Angles Way.

The trail is named after the trading wherries which used the River Yare to travel inland to Norwich.


In September, 2011 Future Radio broadcast a 5 episode series of documentaries about the Wherryman's Way. This was funded by the Broads Authority Sustainable Development Fund. [1]

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Silk, Steve The Wherryman's Way (2010) ISBN 1-84114-852-0

Coordinates: 52°34′15″N 1°29′54″E / 52.5707°N 1.4983°E / 52.5707; 1.4983 (Wherryman's Way)