Whewell (crater)

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Coordinates 4°12′N 13°42′E / 4.2°N 13.7°E / 4.2; 13.7Coordinates: 4°12′N 13°42′E / 4.2°N 13.7°E / 4.2; 13.7
Diameter 13 km
Depth 2.3 km
Colongitude 347° at sunrise
Eponym William Whewell

Whewell is a lunar impact crater that lies on a stretch of lava-resurfaced terrain to the west of Mare Tranquillitatis. It is located to the east of the disintegrated crater Tempel and north-northwest of D'Arrest. To the east is Cayley, a slightly larger but very similar formation. To the North lies the Rima Ariadaeus, which is a linear rille that is 300 kilometers long and was formed when a section of the Moon's crust sank down between two parallel fault lines, producing a graben. Further north again, lies the 90 km wide crater Julius Caeser.

This is a circular, bowl-shaped crater with interior walls that slope down gently to a small interior floor. This crater has not been significantly eroded, and the rim is well-defined.

Crater Whewell is named after the 19th Century philosopher and naturalist, William Whewell.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Whewell.

Whewell Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 4.7° N 14.1° E 4 km
B 5.0° N 14.5° E 3 km