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Which Side Podcast
Which Side Podcast Logo.png
Genre Political, Interview, Animal Rights, Veganism, Anarchism Environmentalism
Running time

~60 minutes (2012–2017)

30 minutes (2017-Present)
Country of origin United States
Starring Jordan Halliday & Jeremy Parkin
Produced by Mariana Halliday
Original release November 11, 2012[1] – present
No. of episodes 225[1]
Opening theme Which Side Are You On[2]
Website http://whichsidepodcast.com

Which Side Podcast is a political podcast hosted by Animal Rights Activist and Grand Jury resister Jordan Halliday & Jeremy Parkin. It features various guests with discussions involving animal rights, earth rights, atheism, anarchism, and many other topics. Which Side has been releasing episodes every week on iTunes and Stitcher since November 2012.[3][4]

Which Side Media Collective[edit]

Which Side Podcast helped found the Which Side Media Collective which it is also member. The collective helps have a central outlet for helping distribute and create radical content.[5]

Networks, Syndicates & Affiliates[edit]

Which Side Podcast is a member of these syndicates, networks & affiliates: Which Side Media Collective,[5] Channel Zero Network,[6] Vegan Feed,[7] Core of Destruction Radio,[8] and the Authority Smashing Network.[9]


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