Whimoon High School

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Whimoon High School
Hangul휘문고등학교; Hanja徽文高等學校
Kangnam-gu, Seoul
Korea, Republic of
Type Private
Motto Be a great man
(큰사람이 되자)
Established 1905
Principal Kim Sun-chang (김선창)
Faculty approx. 104 (2011)
Number of students approx. 1,858 (2011)
Tree Zelkova serrata
Flower Magnolia denudata
Song 휘문의숙가 (Song of the Whimoon)

Whimoon High School (Hangul휘문고등학교; Hanja徽文高等學校) is a private high school in South Korea, located in Daechi-dong, Seoul. It is one of the oldest high schools in South Korea.


Whimoon High school started in 1901 with name of Kwangsung-Euisuk, one of the oldest private schools in South Korea. The founder is Min Young-whi. The emperor at that time was Ko-jong and he gave the name of school so the name was changed to 'Whimoon Euisuk'. The name was continuously changed because of the changes in educational policy. In 1914, Whimoon Euisuk became 'Whimoon Private Normal School' and then became 'Whimoon Middle School' in 1928. By the law of advanced education, Whimoon Middle School was divided into two schools, which are Whimoon Middle School and Whimoon High School in 1957. Originally, the location of the school was middle of Seoul(Jongro-gu) but moved to current location in 1979. Now, Whimoon High School is famous for its prestigious location.

  • 1906 Founded, approved by emperor Ko-jong
  • 1910 The first graduation ceremony (32 students)
  • 1918 Changed its name to 'Private Normal Whimoon School' (4-year system)
  • 1921 조선어연구회 Korean Language Research Organization was founded with teachers in Whimoon School
  • 1922 Changed its name to 'Whimoon Normal High School' (5-year system)
  • 1923 Received 72 musical instrumental from royal musical institute, making the first royal orchestra
  • 1933 Opened the first library in Korea
  • 1938 Changed its name to 'Whimoon Middle School' (5-year system)
  • 1946 Changed its name to 'Whimoon Middle School' (6-year system)
  • 1951 Divided into 2 schools, Whimoon Middle School (3-year system) and Whimoon High School (3-year system)
  • 1962 Former Board of Director Mr. Min Byoeng-yoo donated 79,398㎡ land, current location.
  • 1978 Moved to current location from Jongro-gu
  • 2006 Held 100th anniversary ceremony
  • 2011 Held 103rd graduation ceremony (Total Alumni: 33,950 people)


By the law of private school education, Whimoon High School was selected to be a private-operated high school above numerous other school. The students who have a higher GPA than other students in their middle school can apply to Whimoon High School.


Politician / Government

  • 최두선 Choi Doo-sun - Prime Minister of Korea
  • 이순용 Lee Soon-yong - Minister of Public Administration and Security
  • 이선근 Lee Sun-keun - Minister of Education&Human Resources Development
  • 백두진 Baek Du-jin - Prime Minister of Korea
  • 이한기 Lee Han-gi - Secretary of Prime Minister
  • 최영희 (1921년) Choi Young-hee - Minister of National Defense
  • 서정욱 Seo Jeong-uk - Minister of Science Technology
  • 길형보 Gil Hyung-bo - Chief of the Army



  • 홍사용 Hong Sa-yong - Poet
  • 정지용 Jeong Ji-yong - Poet
  • 김유정 Kim Yoo-jung - Writer
  • 방영웅 Bang Young-woong - Writer
  • 김훈 Kim Hoon - Writer
  • 박정운 Park Jong-woon Writer

Economics / Business

  • 이재욱 Lee Jae-wook - Former president of NOKIA TMC
  • 한상범 Han Sang-beom - Vice president of Korean Air
  • 오남수 Oh Nam-su - President of Keumho-asiana Corporation
  • 정의선 Chung Eui-sun - President of KIA Motors


  • 이병희 Lee Byung-hee - President of Hanyang University 한양대학교
  • 고병익 Ko Byung-ik - President of Seoul National University 서울대학교
  • 김정배 Kim Jeong-bae - President of Korea University 고려대학교


  • 김준면 Kim Junmyeon Suho - Singer - Member of EXO
  • 김석우 Kim Seokwoo Rowoon - Singer - Member of SF9
  • 김인성 Kim Inseong Inseong - Singer - Member of SF9


Whimoon High School is also famous for its excellent sports team, especially basketball team and baseball team. In 2010, Whimoon Baseball team became the champion of the national highschool baseball league sponsored by the president of Republic of Korea. It was the 5th champion title.

  • 진필중 Jin Pil-joong - Baseball Player
  • 임선동 Lim Sun-dong - Baseball Player
  • 서장훈 Seo Jang-hoon - Basketball Player
  • 현주엽 Hyun Joo-yup - Basketball Player
  • 박용택 Park Yong-taek - Baseball Player
  • 박민재 Park Min-jae - Basketball Player
  • 우규민 Woo Gyu-min - Baseball Player
  • 지석훈 Ji Seok-hun - Baseball Player
  • 박민우 Park Min-woo - Baseball Player
  • 임찬규 Im Chan-gyu - Baseball Player

Coordinates: 37°30′18″N 127°03′43″E / 37.50500°N 127.06194°E / 37.50500; 127.06194