Whirl Tour

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Whirl Tour
North American GameCube cover art
North American GameCube cover art
Developer(s) Papaya Studio
Publisher(s) Vivendi Games
Platform(s) GameCube, PlayStation 2
Release GameCube
  • NA: November 12, 2002
  • PAL: March 31, 2003
PlayStation 2
  • NA: November 25, 2002
  • PAL: March 7, 2003
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Whirl Tour is a scooter video game released in 2002 to North America and in 2003 to the PAL region. The game was developed Papaya Studios for the GameCube and the PlayStation 2.


The band Flipside is performing at a sold-out show when all the band members are abruptly sucked into a portal. The band's roadie, Wasa. B, jumps on his scooter and rides into the portal after the kidnapped musicians. Wasa B. must then skate through eight unique levels, defeat the bosses who guard the portal's power source, and finally face-off with the evil Dr. Skeezkicks, who masterminded the abduction. Each area possesses its own special challenges, and the player will need to master all of the tricks at Wasa B.'s disposal to emerge victorious and save his friends.


The game plays out on scooters. Different buttons allow you to perform various tricks. There are six different modes you can play in, eight different levels, seven unlockable characters and ten unlockable scooters. In each Story Mode and Co-op Story Mode level, there are seven objectives to finish. There are simple objectives like to perform a certain trick in a certain spot or topple over something while grinding. Other objectives include getting a certain score, recovering 3 music discs, defeat the two bosses and destroy the generator. Race levels where the player is put against the computer are unlocked by destroying the generator in a level. Special Bonus Levels can be unlocked by finishing all objectives in one level.

The seven game modes are:

  • Arcade Mode: For casual play. No objectives or scooters, time lasts 3:00
  • Story Mode: Where the game progresses. Time lasts 3:00
  • Practice Mode: Allows the player to practice tricks. Time lasts 30:00
  • Co-op Story Mode: Allows two players to play together and finish the story together with cooperation. Time lasts 3:00
  • Versus: Allows two players to play against each other to see who gets the higher score. Time lasts 1:00
  • Monster Trick: Up to ten players fight to see who gets the highest score in the short amount of time. Time lasts 0:10

List of Story levels are:

  • Castle: An easy beginner level. Score Objective is 60,000
  • Theme Park: Slightly more difficult beginner level. Score Objective is 80,000
  • Suburbia: Mix of easy and hard beginner level. Score Objective is 100,000
  • City in The Sky: Can be quite a tricky level. Score Objective is 150,000
  • Subway: Quite hard and annoying level. Score Objective is 250,000
  • Deep Water Rig: Quite hard. Bosses can be tricky. Score Objective is 500,000
  • Movie Set: Quite hard. Bosses can be tricky. Score Objective is 600,000
  • Tibet: The last level. Only one objective in the level: Beat the doctors score of 1,000,000. You have 1:00 to finish the level.

Whenever the player finishes a Race, a new character is unlocked as well as a specific "Sick" move. Scooters are unlocked by collecting 20 Scooter Tokens scattered around levels. There are 20 Scooter Tokens in each level. Scooter Tokens are blue colored.


The player can perform many different tricks from grinds, lips, air tricks and manuals. Performing tricks fills the adrenaline bar up. When the adrenaline bar is full, the player may use "Sick" tricks. Sick tricks give a lot more points than normal tricks. At any point, the player may spend adrenaline by holding down Z (Gamecube version) or L2 (PS2 version), which makes you go faster, and is useful for races.

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