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Whisker Control
Whisker Control icon
Whisker server screenshot
WhiskerServer running on Microsoft Windows
Developer(s) Rudolf Cardinal, Mike Aitken, Cambridge University Technical Services Ltd
Initial release 2000
Written in C++
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English
Type Research control
License Proprietary with source available to users
Website www.whiskercontrol.com

Whisker is a research control system developed within the University of Cambridge, UK, and marketed by Campden Instruments Ltd (UK) and the Lafayette Instrument Company (USA). It is implemented as a server that controls a range of physical devices (including digital switches for input and output devices such as levers and pellet dispensers, multiple monitors, sound cards, and touchscreens). The server communicates with clients via a TCP/IP network link and manages resources for them. Typically, individual clients are programs that implement tasks used in behavioural research (e.g. psychology and neuroscience), such as tasks involving operant chambers.